Sunday, August 7, 2011

Paper Plate Palettes (PPP)

I always use paper plates for palettes when painting, and I never throw them out.  I like the look of them and decided to glue them together. now they are on my walls.

just a something

First, we ate all olives which were in the box!! yummy! I kept it for a long time. I'm sorry! Marmara Birlik :):) and I always keep the pencils shavings to use for something!

and as you see, i started gluing!

see the progress!

I'm kind of messy, while I work!

getting closer!

and result! just a something to use for anything!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Something creative- yaratıcı biseyler

It was a great day, Adam and I first decided to do something different and found out we could do a design with branches. Then we went to the national park which is just a few blocks away, we took a walk and in the forest we started talking about bugs and spiders. Adam told me about what kind of dangerous spiders live in America, which made me really scared, then in the forest I gave up looking for branches since I already had enough.  Then I started looking for bugs and spiders, and eventually I saw a huge spider, and started running. I started itching all day :):) When we came back home, I washed the branches and for a while we thought what we could do with them. Suddenly i saw the shred machine and I thought why not! We shredded a colorful magazine. While we were trying to do some shapes, Adam discovered those shapes. We glued them with hot glue gun. that's all. I hope you like it.